Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Whim and a Wonderdog

Sometimes we do things without much planning around here. It's kind of weird. I'm either micromanaging every minute of our days, or I'm making decisions on a total and complete whim. One extreme or the other. It's just what I do.

While driving home from a similarly whimsical weekend vacation in Gaitlinburg last Fall, Adam and I decided to get a dog. It started like this: "Want to stop and get a dog on our way home? Okay." (But seriously, who does that?) It ended after several hours at PetSmart, where Bella fell in love with this adorable little guy.

Meet Myles, named for his discovery on I-75 and the fact that had traveled several miles from his original reported location by the time a rescuer retrieved him.

There were many, many dogs in the adoption center. We ogled puppies and played with very large, very hyper, very timid, and very beautiful animals. But this little guy, a three-year-old Lhasa Apso mix with an under-bite and a heart murmur, was the one for us. 

He came to us leash-trained and house-broken, with a quiet, hesitant bark and unexplained, yet-to-be-conquered fear of stairs. He dislikes dog food, leading me to believe that he was fed from the table by his previous owners. We often wonder if he was mistakenly lost. It's difficult to imagine anyone purposely abandoning him. 

I have never been a successful pet owner, despite a few attempts. But this time, we found our match. Myles the Wonderdog is a loving and gentle pet. We are thankful to the Humane Society for introducing him to our family.

He's supposed to be Bella's puppy, and while they do play great together...

 (Yes, that's a purple shirt on a boy dog. And a ponytail. He likes it.)

he often follows me around the house, and his favorite place in the world seems to be right about here.

If you can't tell, that's my leg.

He likes to chew on socks and roll in the snow. He loves to be brushed and wear shirts. He runs to the door as soon as he hears a car in the garage and he waits in the kitchen for a treat when he knows it's time for one. His favorite snack is peanut butter, especially these no-bake doggy treats I found on Pinterest. He's cuddly and playful and generally adorable.  And he seems as grateful to have found us as we are for the same.

Myles the Wonderdog: a wonderful dog, wonderful companion, wonderful addition to our family, the wonderful result of a wonderful whim. 

Because, you see, what begins as a whim, very often ends as a cherished memory. Or at least that's how it tends to work out around here. I hope it stays that way.

Whim on. 


  1. I wish my whim had turned out so great. My whim Lexi the not so wonderful dog gets hair everywhere, barks at everything, and pees in the floor when she gets mad. On top of that she is super jealous of Jack and we have to keep the two of them separated. Fun times!

  2. Myles sounds like a perfect addition to your family! I can't wait to meet him. Next time I come to Kentucky maybe there'll be room for me to share Bella's room instead of sleeping in Michelle or J's old room. As long as she likes her Auntie Tammy, that is. :o)