Sunday, January 5, 2014

Celebrating Small Successes

Somedays, you just gotta look at the little picture because the big picture might make you cry. Or scream in frustration. Or lock yourself in the bathroom and plug your ears. Possibly all of the above.

It's been a grumpy day around here. I blame negative energy coming in with this Arctic front.

But, rather than focus on the fact that it's 10:09 and Bella is still fighting against sleep, I feel like I've repeated everything I've said approximately one gazillion times today, the floors have yet to be mopped, and I didn't get around to writing that report I should have done, we are celebrating the small successes in our home tonight. It's a lot like counting your blessings. It goes like this:

The Great Big List of Small Successes: 

  1. We all woke up this morning. We are happy, healthy, and alive. 
  2. We had great, big caramel-frosted, Amish-baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Delish.
  3. I read another section in Life is a Verb.
  4. Thanks to BFF Rachel, I'm motivated to start exercising more regularly, so we headed over to the local sporting goods store where I scored some sweet running gear and made a wish list for rewarding myself for sticking to the plan. (More on this later.)
  5. I finally made it to the nail salon, after a week of saying I was going to make time to do it. All who were previously inadvertently injured by my talons rejoiced. Bella got her nails painted purple with polka dots and was generally adorable. 
  6. Lunch was already prepared when we got home, thanks to the broccoli soup I made on Friday and didn't have time to eat. With sandwiches, it doubled as dinner, plus leftovers went in the freezer. If you'd like to be so lucky, you can find the recipe here
  7. We had a glorious nap.  In the basement playroom. Because, why not?
  8. We used our birthday candles and celebrated Bella's beautiful manicure. It made her heart super happy. 
  9. We used three more candles just because it was fun the first time.
  10. I spent some time with Myles the Wonder Dog. He loves to be brushed and he follows me around like, well, a puppy. 
  11. The BFFs and I used the on-going group message to discuss our fitness goals and et cetera. I love them. 
  12. I'm going to finish the housework before bed, because there's little more motivating than waking up on Monday to a clean house.
  13. I'm going to start everyone off on the right side of the bed tomorrow morning with these whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes. Good morning, Monday...we have come to conquer you. And be happier while doing it. 
The best part is I'm almost certain I've forgotten some things. I feel better already.

What small successes could you celebrate from your day? And more importantly, how can those successes provide you with perspective about how blessed you truly are? 

Live on. 


  1. The last two days have been hard. Going back to work has not been easy. I'm going to search for some small things:
    1. I found some old cds and rocked out to some old jams.
    2. Jack slept all night.
    3. Making a little extra cash by selling some stuff.
    4. Catching up on my favorite shows while my son sleeps.
    5. Being apart of a great blogging community.
    6. Getting to read your post.

    1. 1. Always fun!
      2. Woo hoo!! I remember how glorious it was when those days were few and far between. Actually, Bella still wakes up nightly, if only for a minute, to get in bed with us.
      3. I read that post. Good work!!!
      4. Love it. Jealous.
      5. Amen, sister!
      6. Aw, thanks!!!