Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Don't Forget to Be...

I love crafty stuff. I Pin crafty stuff. I plan to make crafty stuff. I throw away "crafty" stuff.

I can't make crafty stuff.

I covet crafty stuff from Etsy.

Not today. No, friends, the cycle ends here. 

I accepted, followed through with, and resisted the overwhelming and persistent urge to throw away the end result of the following Creative Collective challenge:

The Creative Collective

January 15 // Think of a word that you want to focus on in 2014.

Find a piece of paper, cardboard, old pizza boxes, whatever, and write your word out. You can include photos, magazine clippings, paint splotches, random household items, or anything, really, that embodies this word to you. Make it colorful, if you like. Then hang it somewhere in your house or bedroom where it can inspire you and help you maintain your focus throughout the year.

You already know my word for 2014. Or at least you think you do. Your first guess is "intentional." So close! But that's the obvious choice. No, the word that I want to see every single day, to help me focus on what I want to get out of each moment of my life, will assist me on my journey to being intentional. But that's not it. Think harder.

Still thinking? Hmmm.

Remember the word I accidentally used way more times than is acceptable in yesterday's post? Foreshadowing. And the promised synonyms will be here soon.


I know. It's not much. But, it's my second attempt.
Yeah, just let that sink in.

I may not be "crafty," but I like to think I'm creative. To me, being creative is about more than just the things I can('t) make with my hands. It's the process. Thinking about what I wanted this to be was a creative activity for me. And I'm not gonna lie, I fingerpainted with glitter glue and it was fun. 

When I put that word on paper, I was visualizing the true sense of the word: mouth agape, eyes wide, actually blown away awesome. Characterized by awe. Full of respect and wonder. Especially wonder.

I understand that measuring awesome is subjective, but that kind of awesome is the adjective I want to be able to use at the end of every day. It's the kind of wife I want to be. It's the kind of mother I want to be. The kind of friend, teacher, person. I want to remember, each and every day, that it's awesome to be alive. That my feet are rooted on the surface of an awesome creation. That I have value, am intrinsically awesome, and deserve to treat myself and be treated accordingly. 

I want to look, feel, act, breathe, move with awesome exuding from my very being. 

I don't want to forget to be awesome. 

So I posted my reminder right here, where I get ready each morning and night. 

I hope it inspires me to be:


What is your word for 2014?  What word encompasses the positive changes you want to make? And, more importantly, how would your life change if you woke up tomorrow and lived your word? 

Live on. 

{Thanks again to The Nectar Collective for providing the linkup and other positive lifestyle inspiration.}

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  1. Awesome! Well my word is intentional. It helps me to remember to slow down and to do things with focus and drive.