Monday, January 13, 2014

New Look & New Features

I have a sick baby. Boo!

So rather than write a lengthy post tonight,  I just wanted to update you as to some design changes I'm working on here at Bedtime Stories.

I've been receiving some encouragement to add a custom header and blog button. I think Adam would protest if I paid someone to make me a truly amazing custom site right now, but with some help from online tutorials, I have made my own knock-off version to tide us over for the time being.

You should be seeing my new header, and notice the blog button in the right sidebar.

(Depending on how quickly you read this, it may still be under construction, but be patient. It will hopefully be all spiffed up tonight!)

If you're as new to blogs as I am, this button and the html code beneath it in the sidebar allows other bloggers to share my info on their own sites and will (hopefully) encourage others to read what's going on over here on my little slice of the Internet.

Mad props to this helpful little site for all the html stuff I don't understand.

So anywho, even though you aren't getting a typical reflective post tonight, just know that I'm thinking about writing and blogging as I cuddle up with my sweet little feverish snuggle bug.

Live on.

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