Monday, January 20, 2014

Silver Linings

It's been a pretty happy day around the Prater household. And with a potential snow day looming on the horizon, I anticipate another pretty happy day around the Prater household tomorrow.

For example:

Bella was proud of her Play-Doh creation. 
Myles thought it looked tasty, but resisted temptation.
We enjoyed the last of Aunt Deb's homemade salsa, 
and pledged to grow a salsa garden this year. 
We built an "airplane trophy," which looked a lot like an airplane
perched atop a block tower. 
And after a healthy dinner of slow cooker barbecue chicken and veggies,
we hit up our favorite fro-yo shop for dessert. 

Add to that the massive to-do list I tackled, and it was an overall good day.

And then. 

Bella picked the most depressing bedtime stories ever. At least for a mama who was already ignoring the little pinpricks of sadness at the back of her brain this evening. Love You Forever and If I Could Keep You Little. I mean, seriously. Two of the most emotional children's books ever. I was starting to get a little teary as I read. I don't think she noticed. 

But now, as I sit here listening to the peaceful lullabies of instrumental Beatles tunes played on marimba, I'm thinking of endings. Of life-altering events. Of family bonds and growing pains and life lessons.  It doesn't help that "You'll Be in My Heart" just started playing. Deep stuff. Thanks, Massively Depressing Children's Literature and Supposedly Uplifting Online Lullaby Playlist. 

Basically, I'm going to avoid the urge to turn this into a philosophical personal essay. In fact, I may just go write a philosophical personal essay once I post this. 

I have just a few points to make before I go, and I'll be quick so I can turn off the saddest rendition of "It's Raining, It's Pouring" ever known to man. 

1. Endings Suck with an intentional capital S.
2. In the endings we find strength, growth, and the peace of knowing that the memories we have created make our lives worthwhile. Silver linings. 
3. I hope my daughter never has to learn that endings Suck, but I know that one day she will and that the silver linings will make her stronger. 

Live on. 


  1. Since having a baby lots of things make me cry. I could not read those books I would be a blubbering mess. I read books to kids for a living so I have to be careful with what I read so I don't end up losing it in front of the kiddos.

  2. Silver linings are all I have most of the time. Most of that is my fault. Love you Maggie!