Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: The Broke and the Bookish

One of the things I love about Blogger (the platform, not to be confused with Being a Blogger which I also love) is the simplicity of adding other blogs to my reading list and seeing a feed of recent posts from each blog I follow when I login to my account.

This feature is making it easier for me to attain one of my goals for this year: building a positive web presence by increasing my digital footprint in a meaningful way. I love that I am more tuned in to the blogosphere.

I follow several interesting blogs, many of which review books, and I've used those resources to help me build my "to-read" shelf on Goodreads, a tie-in to another of my goals for the year. It just keeps getting better and better!

So when I found The Broke and the Bookish, I was extra stoked. Browsing through old posts, I quickly noticed their weekly "Top Ten Tuesday." It's like "Woman Crush Wednesday" and "Throwback Thursday," except smart and useful. :-)

Complete with classy graphic. I like. 

The best part? These cool book addicts made the experience interactive, posting weekly topics for their readers to play along at home.

This week? You guessed it. Goals and resolutions. Perfecto! 

You already know I can't resist numbered lists. Let do this. 

My compilation of bookish and non-bookish goals for 2014, all of which are part of the grand scheme of intentional living. 

Bookish Goals:

1. Read 50 books this year and keep track of the titles via Goodreads. I'm double-dipping a little bit by allowing myself to count titles I read for graduate courses. (And as usual, shout out to resident motivator/ BFF Rachel, for showing me the Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge!) To kill two birds with one stone, I'm hoping the Challenge will also encourage me to actually stay up-to-date with my Goodreads shelves!

2. Read more non-fiction--including self-help, spirituality, and education books. Two of the three books I'm currently reading (I'm awful, I know) are non-fiction, so I'm on the right track. 

3. Use the library more! I am so bad about buying books I don't "need." I just love OWNING them. I love SHARING them. I love GIVING them to students. But sometimes, especially when you need to finance graduate tuition and expensive yoga journals, that's not practical. My goal is to utilize our school library, public library, and library ebooks as a first resource. Amazon, iBooks, and Play Books are last resorts!

4. Similarly, I want to take Bella to the library more. Before we moved, we did pretty well, which is totally weird. I guess it was a good place for us to make productive use of in-between time, rather than commuting to Maysville multiple times a day. Now, we are settled and it's time to get into the habit. She loves it and the children's area is great. Bi-weekly (at least) mommy-and-me trips to the public library are the new norm around here, starting this week!

5. This isn't necessarily "bookish," but is definitely creative, so I'm putting it here because I can. :-) 
I want to keep up the habit I'm building of blogging and journaling daily. I'm really proud of myself and I feel GREAT, even when what I'm writing isn't worth reading. For example, we spent all evening with friends and I am worn out after my first day back at work since 12/20/2013. But, here I am clicking away at my keyboard, making the conscious decision to fold laundry tomorrow in favor of writing. And. It. Feels. Awesome.

6. I also want to continue to read and comment on other blogs instead of wasting online time goofing off on Twitter or refreshing Pinterest.

Non-Bookish Goals:

7. Use the YMCA membership we pay for (and usually waste) each month. I plan to take Bella to swim, or walk with friends, or take a class at least once each week. 

8. Exercise at least three times each week. I plan to keep using the workouts from Tone It Up, especially now that I ordered a Chromecast and it should be here soon!

9. Dine out only once per week. I really enjoy cooking, but sometimes I get in a rut and nothing sounds good, or I've been too busy to go to the grocery, or we legit aren't home. But with some planning, I think we can make this work. The exceptions would be weeks when we have events (like dinner meetings) or invites from friends that are just too good to pass up. 

10. Barring unforeseen and/or unusual circumstances (like an awesome weekend with friends that we have planned in February and fundraiser we are attending the weekend after that), Adam and I both want to get back to our cash envelope budgeting system that we used last year. After just 2-3 months of strict adherence, our finances were in much better shape, especially considering all the expenses that came with buying our new house. We were very blessed to manage our money so well in 2013, and we would like to get back on track starting with our paydays this month. 

Bonus Goal:

11. I'm adding this extra one separately because it came from a discussion that Adam and I had just this evening and is contingent upon a couple of factors, but I'm committing it to writing in hopes of increasing my personal accountability. I am currently only registered for one summer class this year, but I would like to set a goal of taking 12 credit hours of graduate coursework in 2014. That wouldn't be too much of a burden in terms of workload (hopefully I don't live to eat those words), but could potentially be difficult for other reasons. However, if successful, I would only need two more classes to finish my Master's, which means I could be finished in 2015 and start teaching college-level classes in August of next year. 

Don't forget to head over to The Broke and the Bookish to check out their Top Ten Tuesday post and others you'll find in their link-up. Also, spend some time perusing their reviews and other bookish posts. You won't be sorry!

What goals have you set for 2014? And more importantly, how will those goals contribute to the greater good of your life and the lives of others?

Live on. 


  1. Girl I am loving your blog! You are doing amazing and are giving me inspiration to keep on the intentional track. Way to go!!!!