Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Party Like a Rock, Party Like a Rockstar...

Just kidding. I haven't actually listened to that song in like 2 weeks at least.

Today is the second installment in the Creative Collective link up from the Nectar Collective. The first challenge prompted me to create my Not-So-Awesome Awesome Poster, and you can read about it here.

But today is all about the music. That's right, it's playlist time. This is a big task for someone with eclectic musical tastes and a ton of songs that make me yell, "Turn it up! This is my favorite song!" and start waving my hands in the air maniacally. However, challenge accepted. (I've also been watching a lot of HIMYM on Netflix.)

February 5 // Create a playlist of new music.

PandoraHype Machine, and Control+Alt+Delight are great places to start. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends what they’re listening to, too!

This seems like the appropriate junction for a disclaimer. I still have several mix CDs that I made in high school and college, when downloading illegal music was exciting and an excruciatingly long process. And they're weird. I don't care about what songs "go together." I'm not a professional DJ, and there's no beat mixing or thematic development or stylistic matching. I pick songs because I like them. And I like a lot of songs. Different songs. Bear with me.

I was originally planning to write a little bit about each song, but I ended up with like 50 songs before I made myself quit. Like, made myself. I said, "Stop. Stop. No, really. That's the last one." Out loud. Guess I used up all my self-restraint yesterday for Top Ten Tuesday.

So, for the abbreviated introduction to the not-so-abbreviated playlist:

This playlist makes me remember dancing with the besties, crying in some of the lowest points of my life, bumping in my Cobalt in college, singing with my mother who instilled a healthy love of music in me at an early age. There are songs on this list that make me literally laugh out loud, that I judge myself for liking (so you don't have to), that I still argue with Adam about the lyrics to.

It's a true mix, spanning decades and genres, highs and lows. I just followed my instincts and my brain's associations, then rearranged them a little bit to make the final product.

I did, for your listening pleasure, omit all of my tendencies toward raunchy hip hop and rap. It's a guilty pleasure (along with reality television) and I have a thing for bass. What can I say? I guess I'm not that old yet after all.

Without further adieu, the playlist. I'd rather call it a mixtape. So I think I will. Hope ya like it as much as I do. 


  1. A nice variety of different artists and genres, I like it! A lot of these songs are personal favorites of mine as well :-) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Music is so powerful - like you said it can make you laugh out loud and the next song can make you cry! I loved Melyssa's challenge and with the amount of songs you chose it looks like you did too! (: (I limited myself to just 10 songs!) I have to admit I don't know many of your songs, but I was happy to see some Cash among the mix - he's my favourite!