Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pause. Rewind. Repeat.

It's been a while since I have consciously slowed the pace of my life.

Here I sit, in my classroom, already changed into my yoga clothes. The sunlight is glowing through the curtains in my windows. The freshly brewed cup of dark roast beside me is wafting toward my waiting lips. The soothing melodies of Boyce Avenue piped through my classroom sound system are enticing me to sway gently in my desk chair as I write. The day has been packed away, stacked and sorted. Tomorrow has been planned and written. And though I could work on what's to come next week, I made the choice to...just not.

In these far-too-few moments, I realize that sometimes the only solitude a mother and wife and teacher can have is the solitude she creates. If I genuinely value my "me time" so much as to lament its loss, why not put more effort and energy into protecting it?

And so I will.


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  1. You make such a valid point! I complain so much about not having "me time" but yet I am horrible about not creating it for myself. Even when I have the opportunity I will often pass it up in fear of feeling guilty. Mothers stay busy and don't have free time....right??? Totally wrong but so often that is how I feel.